What’s In Your Protein Shake?

So, do you REALLY know what’s in your protein shake?!?

IMG_0693 2And, WHY am I TOTALLY OK with pouring a full 1 gallon bucket of protein powder in the trash?

Let me start my saying why I even have this.  If you’ve been following me at all, you know that I am all about Shakeology – an all natural, super food meal replacement shake that I’ve been drinking for two years now.   And yes, it contains protein but it is SO much more than a protein shake.  People call it “pricey”…that is, until they recognize the value of getting something from a reputable company that stresses sustainable farming and maintaining the ALL NATURAL integrity of the product.   I jumped on board quickly but my husband took a little longer and more convincing because comparatively it is more expensive than “protein” powders that can be ordered via the internet, or purchased at locals stores, such as GNC or Costco.  So why is he finally on board and only drinking the all natural stuff now?   Read on…

IMG_0688First, it’s important to note that the supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA, meaning there is no governing body to verify that what they say is their supplements in actually in there, and in the quantities they indicate.  Pretty scary stuff right?!  Now, this does not mean you should avoid all supplements like the plague but it does mean that you should be very selective about what you choose to put in your body.  And you should DEFINITELY be reading your nutrition labels.  You know that white thing with the small print on the backside of your product?! 😉  Yep!  That’s the one!

If you learn nothing else from this blog post, I hope you take away the FOUR products you should ABSOLUTELY AVOID when purchasing supplements.  You got, it that means it’s time to read the labels!  These you SHOULD avoid like the plague!

  1. Soy or soy byproducts. Why? Isn’t soy a great dairy alternative and SO good for you? NOPE! Here’s what you need to know about soy…it is known to be a hormone disrupter. It mimics estrogen, so male gym goers beware as soy or soy based products are found in a vast majority of protein shakes. Also, soy contains goitrogens which inhibits the thyroid leading to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism slows the metabolism, causes low energy, and weakens the immune system. So let’s recap, the consumption of soy may creates hormonal imbalance (lowers libido for men and may impact fertility for women), may contribute to weight gain, is likely to impact your energy levels, and inhibit your ability to fight off illness.   I want NONE of those things, do you?!
  1. Artificial colors. Ever read a nutrition label and seen a bunch of colors listed with numbers next to them??? If you knew the effect those actually had on your body you would be terrified! Let me sum it up like this, most are banned in more than one country abroad and all are linked to various forms of cancer. Have you every wondered why that nasty little disease seems to be running so rampant in the lives of so many people we know and love? Almost all of us grew up on these ingredients and little by little they are destroying us from the inside out. Bladder tumors, brain cancer, immune system tumors, genetic mutations, and kidney and adrenal gland tumors are all COMMONLY associated with artificial colors, just to name a few! Are you reading your labels yet?
  1. Artificial flavors and sweeteners. These artificial ingredients are found in most supplements because let’s face it true protein in powder form tastes AWEFUL! So they flavor it up and add fake sweeteners to make it more appealing. The problem? These have EXTREMELY harmful affects on the body.
    • Aspartame (those cute little blue packets) is linked to depression, and emotional and psychotic disorders.
    • Sucralose (you know it as Splenda and we all thought it was “better” for us) harms the lining of the gut, contributing to irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, and Crohn’s disease.
    • Sodium benzoate and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are found in MANY sodas, energy drinks, and almost all processed foods. They are both highly carcinogenic and increase chronic inflammation, pain, and weight gain.
  1. Carrageenan. This “natural” ingredient is not only a rough one on the gut, causing GI disorders and intestinal inflammation, but it is also linked to gastrointestinal cancer. It is a common ingredient in liquid or powder supplements, and dairy alternatives (including many almond milks) because it helps keep liquids mixed rather than allowing ingredients to settle at the bottom.

nutrition labelNow, let’s zoom in on that nutrition label…


Like, for real, are you reading your labels yet?!  I don’t share this stuff to paint a bleak picture of the potential health problems that await you.  I share this because I want you to make an educated decision about what you put in your body.  You don’t need to avoid EVERYTHING, you just need to know the potential harmful affects.  You can decide from there if it’s worth the risk but for me, when it comes to something I’m going to be consuming on a daily basis, I sure as hell don’t want any of this stuff in my body. 

These are just four of the ingredients/group of ingredients I recommend you avoid, there is a laundry list of others.  But FOR SURE, if you see any one of these listed, do yourself (and your family) a favor and put it back on the shelf.  There are enough toxins in our daily environment, you certainly don’t need it in your supplements.

If you are interested in a healthy alternative, contact me for more information about my personal favorites!

When You Marry An Entrepreneur

When you marry an entrepreneur…

The funny thing is I never would have considered myself the entrepreneur type. I did what pretty much everyone does after they graduate high school and went to college. I studied athletic training and entered the field which I LOVED when I got my bachelors. And in the not atypical pattern realized I would need a graduate degree to pursue the field at a higher level so went to grad school, and racked up more debt. All the while thinking, once I’m fully in my career I will be able to pay back all the debt I owe.

What a rude awakening to be offered a job out of grad school for $35,000.00. Being that was the most I ever made I thought it would be no problem to make it by but soon I was drowning in debt, struggling to pay bills, and realizing that this was not going to cut it. In many ways I think the entrepreneur was sparked in me back then. Always looking for ways to make an extra income or pick up extra work. The trouble was this was on top of an already overtime based schedule that included travel and being on a team’s schedule.


Leaving the football field after a LONG day!

I feel the need to reiterate that I LOVED being an athletic trainer but seeing that the income was never really going match my time, I struggled with how to live comfortably on the salary I was assigned. The answer wasn’t immediately apparent but little did I know that an opportunity would land in my lap to create a different kind of life for myself, one with a ton of potential for financial freedom. A little unsure of myself, I ventured into entrepreneurialism and started my own health and fitness coaching business.

The Beachbody opportunity came along while I was dating my [now] husband and while I could sense his hesitation at first he has always been supportive. After two years in the business and a year of marriage, we are recognizing that working a full time job and being an entrepreneur in the evenings is wearing on me and is becoming time to figure out how to balance this so that it is a viable full time option as we start a family in the coming years. You can see the gradual shift in mindset as he continues to see the work I put towards this business and how much I love what I’m doing as a coach. But you know, the thought of running your own business instead of being a salaried employee is scary! While skeptical at first, he is starting to see the potential of this business and I am thankful for his constant support.

I am also thankful for his business and finance background. While I’m the “business owner” he is teaching me how to be business minded. He has all the faith in the world in me but knows I never set out to be a “business woman”. Athletic training is hands on work after all, I didn’t really have to know the business side as other people always ran that, I just had to know how to work with people. And that, I can do exceptionally well! So I really can’t fairly say that this is “my” business – he is as much a part of it as anything since he can advise on business and finance practices. And he of course is involved in the decisions as they relate to moving this thing forward.

IMG_0082My point of all this is when you marry an entrepreneur, you might not always know what’s around the next corner BUT your love, support, and insight make a big difference for your significant other. Maybe you’re the entrepreneur or maybe your spouse is, either way you are the number one partner in the business. Build the business together, involve each other in the process, and trust each other’s judgment.

And last but not least, trust where the Lord wants to take you in this opportunity. One thing I know for sure is he has brought you here to change the lives of those around you and that is not an opportunity to be wasted.