Patience While Waiting For Results

Have you ever heard the quote, “don’t pray for patience, God will give it to you”?  haha!  It’s really true – He will teach you patience by requiring you to endure a situation until He has completed His work in you.  He doesn’t do this to torture us or to take away our fun, rather it is to help fulfill His vision for you.  And no matter how far along you feel you are in your journey, God is still at work and His plans will come together at the right time.

It’s funny how God repeats himself multiple times when He’s trying to speak to us.  Yesterday in our church service, our Pastor taught on patience.  Last week when I was away at Coach Summit, our speaker spoke about patience, and then this morning my devotional was about patience. Ok, God!  I get the hint!  I need to wait on you longer…and quite frankly, better.

While I had my own personal take aways in each of these moments, I couldn’t help but think about how the concept of patience is required for so many of my clients.  I work with people who are on a health and fitness journey and the thing is, when it comes to improving your health and fitness, and losing weight, IT TAKES TIME!  So often we’re looking for the quick fix and immediate results, but that is just not the way the body is designed and let’s face it – the weight didn’t come on over night, it ain’t comin’ off over night either!

So what I came here to communicate today are some of the awesome tips shared by our Pastor yesterday as he encouraged us to patiently wait on the Lord.  I feel these are extremely applicable to those on a health and fitness journey as well as just in everyday life so I thought I’d share them with my “health” spin on them here.  Are you ready?  Let’s tackle patience together!

Here are the steps:

  1. newsletter graphic (1)GET A VISION: and by vision we’re talking about something big enough to endure the pain of the present.  Something that will keep you going on the tough days, that will keep you striving for the next goal. What’s going to get your butt off the couch to workout even when you don’t want to? What pain point stings enough to change your habits?  How do you want to look and feel?  When was the last time you felt good about yourself and CONFIDENT in yourself? How can you speak vision over your circumstance and declare victory during this trial?
  2. GET TREATMENT: Or we may want to call this “stop the bleeding”.  Now, when he talked about treatment, he was referencing therapy and I don’t disagree with that at all!  Typically weight gain is caused by a much deeper, internal struggle.  Rather than JUST trying to tackle the weight issue, it is extremely valuable to find someone you can trust (preferably a professional so they aren’t biased and will call you on your BS) to work through whatever internal struggle you are facing or have faced.  There is NO SHAME in this, in fact it is the smartest thing you can do for yourself!  Get help before you get troubled!
  3. GET DISTRACTED: You can complain about your circumstance or you can advance your situation.  So why not move forward?  If you know you snack when you’re bored, then fill your time with things that are productive and keep you busy.  Better yet, clean out your cupboards so that your snack options are healthy.  Get yourself a set of fit friends, go for a walk, pick up a new hobby, or here you go – SPEND TIME WITH THE LORD.  The Bible calls us to cast our cares on Him (Psalm 55:22) and He will care for us!  Go to God with this trial and watch him turn it into your triumph!  Whatever you do, just don’t dwell in it!
  4. GET SUPPORT:  He talked about how we were not meant to do life alone.  Community is vitally important!  In fact, that’s why I put people on a health and fitness journey into challenge groups.  We’ve found that people do SO MUCH BETTER when they are surrounded by others on a similar journey as them.  I loved what Pastor Rich said, “With good friends, valleys aren’t so bad and mountain tops are so much better”!  YES!!  So much YES!  That’s the whole point!  When you’re doing healthy living with other people, the tough days aren’t so bad because you’re not in it alone and the victory is multiplied because not only do you have a crew in your corner cheering you on but you also get to do the same for someone else.  It’s THE BEST environment!

So yes, I know that while he was preaching yesterday he wasn’t speaking to those on a health and fitness journey but I hope you can take these tips and apply them to your journey because there is no better place to start with life transformation and healthy habits than at the feet of Jesus!

Praying blessings over your life today Girlfriend!