Hey Friend! Thanks so much for stopping by! So you might be wondering what this is all about…

First, yes my name is Jennifer but I only hear that when I’m in trouble 😉 so call me Jen, Jenny, JMo or JLo (shout out to my maiden name!).

I’m a wife, christian, athletic trainer, fitness coach, business mentor and infant loss survivor. Let me tackle that last one first….

About 12 weeks into our pregnancy we learned that we were facing {what we thought were} severe chromosomal abnormalities with a stillborn prognosis. We later learned, genetically speaking he was perfectly normal, however physically, it was an uphill battle with no answers. Multiple physical abnormalities that lead to a very poor prognosis and little chance of life outside the womb. When I talk about abnormalities, I’m not talking minor either…think deformities head to toe – from his sweet little face to internal structures, and all 4 limbs affected.

Matthew was born on December 5, 2017 and our world was forever changed! He was with us for 2 hours before he went to be with Jesus. While our hearts are heavy and he’s left a huge hole in our lives, we are rejoicing that our sweet boy is healthy and whole, completely perfect, lacking nothing, and running around heaven without a care in the world. We can’t wait to hug his neck and I am going to completely embarrass the kid with so many kisses in front of all his friends when we get there! #momlife

God is guiding us through this and I trust in His plan but I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t struggle with this daily. All that to say, we are healing and continue to welcome the prayers, and are COMPLETELY thankful for your support! And if you have questions, feel free to ask, I’ve been very open about this whole journey.

This site was designed to be a place to share my fitness journey and encourage others as they strive for #pursuingfit too. I believe that faith and fitness go hand in hand so I share my beliefs along the way and hope to encourage you there too. In light of what we’ve been through, it has become a platform to also share my pregnancy and postpartum journey as I navigate being mom without a baby, so welcome to all you mommas out there! Let’s chat!

So a little about me…I have always been athletic and what others would consider “fit”. I didn’t however EVER have a good relationship with food and I got to a point where life got in the way and fitness wasn’t a priority and well…age…so the weight got easier to gain and harder to lose! My story is really not one of weight loss as I was never grossly overweight but I had some serious habits that needed to be adjusted so I could walk with pride and confidence each day. So that’s what I’m about, empowering other women to have the discipline & make the tough decisions to get the results they want!

I spent years spinning my wheels, wandering into the gym, trying to craft a workout to do each day and ultimately defaulted to “whatever I felt like” so I could go home and eat “whatever I wanted” and that meant pizza, burgers, fries, wine, chocolate, and bread btw!

So I decided to make a change and got started with workouts I could do from home (no more guesswork, no more excuses), a superfood health shake that completely changed my nutrition, a super simple meal plan (again, no more guesswork…and no weighing, measuring, our counting calories either! PTL!) and an amazing support network that rocked my world!

I trimmed down, drop a size…or two actually 😉, and uncovered a body I never realized I could have if I just got focused!


It was such a game changer for me that now I’m passionate about helping women simplify fitness and eating habits so that living healthy is realistic long term as well. And that’s what I get to do for a living each day now! #coachlife

It’s my goal to help you find freedom in this journey and realize the flexibility you have in implementing new habits, all so you can look and FEEL your best as you work towards your personal goals! It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and yes we’ve got a little wiggle room so you don’t have to feel restricted all.the.dang.time. I’ll help you figure it out, just trust me and the process!

It’s not just about weight (though you CAN lose it!), it’s about confidence, loving yourself and the skin you’re in! It’s about figuring out how to live healthy no matter your circumstances – like excellent reports on your annual physical healthy!

It’s about knowing who you are in Christ and that you are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! So yeah, these “little habits” that need tweaking, they ain’t got nothin’ on you girl!

So that’s what I do! That’s what I put into practice personally, what my husband has begun to implement, and how we live our lives. I’ve got a tribe of women in this with me and you’ll never be alone in this journey!

Speaking of, I’m always looking for strong and determined women to partner with! SO if any of this has tugged on your heart, if you KNOW IT’S TIME to start that fitness journey OR if you’d like to learn how to create a life of freedom and abundance by turning fitness into your business, I’d love to chat with you!  CONTACT ME HERE!

Holla atcha girl y’all!…ok, I’m not street, I know!…but it sounded fun 😀CLICK HERE to tell me more about you and let’s chat! We’ll tackle your goals and see if this is right for you!