Thanks so much for stopping by my site!  My name is Jennifer Morrow, but you can call me Jenny, Jen, or JLo (shout out to my Maiden name!! ;)).  I’m a wife, Christian, Athletic Trainer, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, founder of Iron Revolution, and a Beachbody Coach!

As a person who has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, I had come to the harsh reality that it was just not as easy to stay in shape as I got older.  Can you relate???  Motivation was low, life was busy, I would take care of everything (and everyone) else and neglect my own health and fitness.  In March of 2014 I decided to make a change!  I joined Beachbody and committed to making fitness and nutrition a LIFESTYLE!  Not some quick fix cleanse, fad diet, or trendy exercise routine – but a real, TRUE, lifestyle change that I could implement for the rest of my life.  It didn’t take long before I was ABSOLUTELY hooked and fell in love with not only the results I was seeing personally but my ability to positively impact so many lives around me.

I am passionate about combining fitness and nutrition, having faith in God’s plan, and overcoming obstacles for true wellness!  I believe that true “fitness” starts with an internal decision that YOU MATTER enough to make these changes.  Moreover, I find the best place to find the strength to take action is to finding your purpose and identity in Christ.  It is really only once you change internally and shift your mindset that you will begin to see the outward changes you desire.

Let’s face it, no one is going to reach their ultimate health and fitness goals without first being able to get out of their own way and connect to WHY these changes are important and HOW their life will be impacted by making them. Nor will they reach their goals by JUST working out or by JUST dieting.  In fact, I can’t even stand the term dieting!  I’ve got a secret for you: if you can learn to how to eat clean, love how you feel when you do so, make it a practical for you, and then turn it into a daily practice – there is no need to “diet” EVER!!!

My goal is for people to learn the freedom that awaits by small, disciplined, daily decisions to take care of their body.  If these decisions are made on a regular basis, then guess what that cookie you just ate, doesn’t make such a big difference!  Why?  Because now, it’s the exception and not the norm.  AHHHHHHH, FREEEEEDOMMM!

But like I said, in order to reach those ULTIMATE goals, it’s going to take a little more than just some solid nutrition.  I mean, if we’re going to be eating clean we might as well have some muscles to show for it right?!  This can take on whatever meaning you’d like: from bulking up to developing long lean muscles, a shapely booty, and those abs!   Not to mention all the other positive benefits derived from a healthy and consistent workout routine: improved cardiovascular function, decreased risk of disease, increased endorphins, increased energy, release of serotonin (i.e., puts a smile on your face!), and SO much more!  All of this adds up to a positively impacted life!  And what do positive people do?  Positively impact others!  It’s a chain reaction, cyclical, habit!  It makes me happy just thinking about it!

Combined fitness and nutrition, with emotional and spiritual wellness, is the ONLY way to go if you ask me!

I’ve reached and [here’s the KEY] maintained personal fitness goals, and have supported others in doing the same.  I would love to talk with you about developing healthy habits, living life to the fullest, and reaching your goals!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

I am always looking for people to join my team – I’d love to hear from you if you think you might be interested in starting your own health and fitness journey and learning how to earn some extra income helping others reach their goals!